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Why Consciousness Is the Final Frontier of Human Evolution — Ananda

The universe appeared out of nowhere in response to what some name science as we speak. The whole lot fell into its personal excellent place —matter, power, and all of the legal guidelines that govern them.

Just a few of us take time to query this speculation however it’s properly definitely worth the contemplation as a result of the reality of this assertion will have an effect on what sort of life every one in every of us will select to steer.

Pondering that the universe got here out of nothing is a bit of like saying that no matter gadget you might be utilizing to learn this text additionally appeared out of nowhere. Additional, all of the {hardware}, batteries, and packages working that gadget fell into excellent place ruled by the legal guidelines of circuits that additionally got here out of nothing. Rupert Sheldrake describes it like this:

It’s virtually as if science mentioned, ‘Give me one free miracle, and from there your entire factor will proceed with a seamless, causal rationalization.’The one free miracle was the sudden look of all of the matter and power within the universe, with all of the legal guidelines that govern it.

Appears loopy, proper? We must always step again for a second. Earlier than looking for out if the universe is definitely the results of a random occasion, it’s value asking, Why can we even care?

The reply is straightforward once we contemplate how our lives are affected by worldview.

When you consider that the universe got here out of nothing, it could even be pure so that you can really feel considerably remoted, alienated, lonely, and fearful. On this contractive, haphazardly created world, all of us would look like separate entities born with out objective or that means. Life would primarily be about securing your survival even at the price of others.

Now suppose you believed {that a} central drive created the universe. A drive that not solely guides planets, stars, and all of the celestial our bodies within the cosmos however your life as properly.

This expansive worldview for you’ll most likely imply that each one of us are one. We’d not be separate entities residing right here to make sure our personal survival. We’d perceive that the identical drive that resides in us, resides additionally in each different being. In a world like this, one feels extra related, cherished, hopeful, and peaceable.

Sadly, for many of its existence, science has tended to validate the previous worldview. The extra scientists insist on a contractive worldview, the extra one feels fearful and disconnected from a private interior actuality, the next self, and the next consciousness.

Consider all of the folks as we speak who really feel lonely, depressed, and disconnected from others. They most likely don’t have any perception about or into their increased selves. You’ll be able to see this malaise within the folks round you even should you don’t really feel this your self.

Yogis, saints, sages, and lots of religions verify and embrace an expansive worldview. In yogic science, the drive from which the universe got here and the drive that creates and guides life is known to be Consciousness.

The universe is created and ruled by Cosmic Consciousness simply as our personal lives are run by particular person consciousness. Swami Kriyananda was as soon as requested Three Questions. One query was, ‘Who’s God?’  That is how he responded:

He isn’t an individual. He’s neither He nor She, and He’s each He and She. He’s all the things our souls ever craved: excellent bliss, immortality, full consciousness – Satchidananda, as He’s outlined by those that are conversant in the idea of absolute perfection. There’s nothing and nobody other than Him. All that we see round us is however part of a cosmic dream. Who’s God could also be paired with one other, equal query: Who’re we? For in our deepest actuality, what’s left once we strip away all superficial definitions is that germ of consciousness inside. There, as Jesus Christ implied, lies the key of God’s actuality.

Skeptics may maybe ask, ‘Why, then, hasn’t science been in a position to validate the existence of consciousness?’ Really, I’ll have a solution to that query.

Searching for the Proper Issues within the Unsuitable Locations

Mulla Nasreddin was a Sufi mystic who lived within the thirteenth century in present-day Turkey. His strategies of instructing weren’t via sermons or repetition of scriptural data. He used probably the most highly effective instructing strategies accessible — tales.

Nasreddin’s tales had been stuffed with jokes and humorous anecdotes, adopted by an ethical. Right here is one in every of them:

As soon as Nasreddin misplaced his ring in the lounge. He looked for it for some time, however since he couldn’t discover it, he went out into the yard and started to look there.

His spouse, who noticed what he was doing, requested: ‘Mulla, you misplaced your ring within the room, why are you searching for it within the yard?’

Mulla stroked his beard and mentioned: ‘The room is simply too darkish and I can’t see very properly. I got here out to the courtyard to search for my ring as a result of there may be far more mild out right here.

So many are like Nasreddin searching for proof of consciousness in all of the fallacious locations. When trying within the fallacious place, is it any marvel that its presence can’t be discovered or validated. Consciousness and matter are actually not the identical. We will see and measure matter however consciousness must be skilled internally.

Researchers are searching for proof of consciousness exterior themselves and within the materials world. They attempt to look via a lens of the science of consciousness however don’t dare contemplate or notice that consciousness is intangible and can’t be perceived with the mind, mind, or the thoughts alone.

The room inside us could also be darkish so we don’t need to take the time to look there. All of the whereas, our efforts are wasted looking for Reality wherever else exterior of ourselves.

Think about this – A light-weight bulb can shine mild on all the things round it however not on the ability that truly illuminates it. You’ll be able to see all the things round you however you can’t see the consciousness or drive that animates you. The power to understand this drive is past the thoughts’s regular operations, past the boundaries of mind, and past thought.

Some deny the presence of the truth of consciousness exterior of ourselves since we can’t validate or ponder it with the mind. This, nonetheless, doesn’t appear fairly proper, does it? Are you able to quantify or measure a mom’s love for a kid? Does that imply that love is just not there? Completely not –  and that is the case with consciousness.

These Who Know, Simply Know – These Who Don’t, Don’t

I’ve been considerably essential of science for its follies however there are outstanding and progressive scientists who acknowledge the presence of this increased actuality.

Max Planck was a Nobel Prize-winning German physicist referred to as the daddy of quantum idea. His seminal work within the subject of theoretical physics led the best way to many advances all through the twentieth century

I regard consciousness as basic. I regard matter as by-product from consciousness. We can’t get behind consciousness. The whole lot that we speak about, all the things that we regard as present, postulates consciousness. -Max Planck

Sir James Denims, physicist, astronomer, and mathematician additionally said:

The stream of information is heading in the direction of a non-mechanical actuality; the Universe begins to look extra like an important thought than like an important machine. Thoughts now not seems to be an unintentional intruder into the realm of matter… we ought fairly to hail it because the creator and governor of the realm of matter. — Sir James Denims, The Mysterious Universe

In an interview with The Observer, Denims was requested if he believed that life on this planet was the results of an accident or some nice scheme.

I incline to the idealistic idea that consciousness is key and that the fabric universe is by-product from consciousness, not consciousness from the fabric universe… Normally, the universe appears to me to be nearer to an important thought than to an important machine. It might be, it appears to me, that every particular person consciousness must be in comparison with a brain-cell in a common thoughts.

Let me quote Einstein to deliver extra weight to my level. Einstein was the theoretical physicist who needed to precise God in an equation:

A human being is a component of a complete, known as by us the “universe,” a component restricted in time and area. He experiences himself, his ideas and emotions, as one thing separated from the remainder — a sort of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a sort of jail for us, limiting us to our private wishes and to affection for a number of individuals nearest us. Our activity should be to free ourselves from this jail by widening our circles of compassion to embrace all residing creatures and the entire of nature in its magnificence.

Einstein wrote this in a letter as comfort to Robert S. Marcus, political director of the World Jewish Congress, whose younger son had simply died of polio.

Einstein typically known as his perception system a cosmic faith as a result of for him “science with out faith is lame, faith with out science is blind.” [1] Fascinating proper?

The Scientist Who Left Matter Consciousness

Eben Alexander grew to become well-known after Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife hit the New York Instances bestseller record. Alexander shared and described his expertise of the afterlife as he transitioned out and in of consciousness.

In 2008, he grew to become ailing with acute bacterial meningoencephalitis. ​​Meningitis impacts the meninges, the membranes that encompass the mind and spinal twine and defend the central nervous system. Bacterial meningitis is probably the most severe kind of meningitis. It might result in loss of life or everlasting incapacity. His situation, with a fast decline in neurologic operate, conferred a 90% mortality charge. For one week he was in a coma, mind lifeless. But, on the seventh day, when he opened his eyes his expression was startling.  In a private account he writes:

A household pal who was there couldn’t recover from how my amazed expression regarded extra just like the astonished gaze of an toddler, not like what one would anticipate from an grownup getting back from an unconscious state.

An individual recovering from such a state is just not anticipated to dwell, not to mention bear in mind experiences from the coma.

Thus, you’ll be able to think about my shock at remembering an elaborate and wealthy odyssey from deep inside coma that comprised greater than 20,000 phrases by the point I had written all of it down in the course of the six weeks following my return from the hospital.

Whereas I gained’t go into the small print of what he noticed, he was clearly transported to a unique stage and actuality of consciousness. For him, God appeared too puny a phrase to explain the ability, majesty, and awe that he had skilled.

I initially referred to that deity as Om, the sound that I recalled from that realm because the resonance inside infinity and eternity. -Eben Alexander

I’m a disciple of Yogananda. I can’t assist however suppose how true these experiences appear within the mild of Yogananda’s teachings and yogic science.

All of Alexander’s experiences may very well be conveniently disregarded as hallucinations. That is what the standard scientific group has been doing for ages. But, he argues:

The traditional reductive materialist (physicalist) mannequin embraced by many within the scientific group, together with its assumption that the bodily mind creates consciousness and that our human existence is birth-to-death and nothing extra, is basically flawed.

For Alexander, the world won’t ever be the identical. He needs to persuade the scientific group to graduate from kindergarten and discover the realm and potentialities of consciousness.

Those that get a glimpse of such consciousness can’t cease speaking about it as you’ll be able to see from Alexander’s expertise. His expertise is hardly a hallucination and is as actual as the fabric universe round us. Close to-Dying Experiences (NDEs) have lengthy remained a supply of thriller for science. They’re unexplainable.

Key traits of such NDEs embody a way of profound peace, of unconditional love, of leaving the bodily physique, and of sunshine.

Alexander himself got here up with a number of fashions in neurophysiology and neuroanatomy, however none might clarify what he skilled.

A Technique to Know & Discover the Reality

NDEs are usually not the one means you’ll be able to go into such states.

There’s a scientific methodology that yogis and sages have skilled and have been instructing for millennia — meditation.

It’s potential via meditation to calm the senses, nonetheless the physique, thoughts, and ideas. As soon as you’ll be able to accomplish this (a herculean activity in itself), you’ll be able to notice that you’re the truth is, greater than your physique, thoughts, or ideas – you might be consciousness. This similar consciousness manifests its actuality in all objects of creation – animate or inanimate.

Descartes mentioned, “I believe, due to this fact I’m.” Yogis would say, “After I cease considering, then I actually am.”

Yogis would additionally affirm that this actuality or stage of consciousness is the one objective value striving and it’s this actuality that’s the final frontier of human growth.

[1] Apparently, although Einstein needed God on a chunk of paper, he additionally realized that if he created a near-perfect equation, it could be ineffective. It might be like describing Mozart’s music within the type of sound waves. You would probably do it however would you actually be capable to grasp the spirit and the that means of the music?



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