Friday Favorites!


(shoes ((still 20% off)), leggings, top)

Just as we start to get in some light in the mornings for our runs…  Daylight Saving Time begins again on Sunday.

Jo’s Novablast’s are so pretty.  10.5 hilly miles @ 8:43 average, and I was toast after the workout the day before.  One of those days, you can’t think about starting your run; you just distract yourself and push start.

We snuggled outside after his nap.

And had an easy to make delicious dinner.

My first round of tacos…

And dessert while we watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.  We are on a movie kick at night with the kids right now.

Let’s dive into my favorite things this week:

I take this matter very seriously.  I wear a lot of t-shirts.  I won’t lead you astray on this topic, so let’s talk about my top-rated t-shirts (that aren’t too expensive… I’m sure there are much nicer ones out there, but I spill too often to have those;).

*The Amazon 2 pack (for $16).  The best white t-shirt I’ve ever had, and they are so cheap.  They fit perfectly.

*The Outdoor Voices ones.  They have the best color options, in my opinion.

*These ones from Madewell.  I’ve loved these tees for years, and they always have fun striped options too.

*My favorite t-shirts to wear with biker shorts because they are long.  These are so soft and wash perfectly.

*And this Scooped neck from Old Navy ($12!)!

*I want to get in my car and have it smell heavenly.  This doesn’t usually happen because I jump in sweaty after a run, and we have four kids (and a dog), but this febreeze clip-in has made it a reality.  It has changed my driving experience.

*I might have found a new #1 favorite marathon short… The side pockets fit everything you could need, the high waist feels so amazing, they don’t move around, and I forgot I was wearing them for my 18-miler (I like to forget I’m wearing something because that means they are so comfortable that I am not thinking about them much).  I was surprised at how much I loved them.  They are also 25% off of their $42 price tag right now with the code–> WOMEN25

*These. Are. Amazing.

Have anything you are looking forward to this weekend?

Race shorts that you love that have good pockets?  

Favorite t-shirt?  I would love to expand my collection if you have good recommendations too!

What do you do when you have a hard time getting out for a run?

-I might need some tips this morning too;)

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