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Each Variation of 69 Humankind Has Thought Up – SheKnows

When a place has been round so long as 69 has, it’s certain to encourage a slew of iterations — a few of which resemble the unique, and others of which now not appear like it in any respect. We people are a fairly creative bunch, and one of many issues we’re greatest at is arising with new methods to get it on and celebrating the spirit of reciprocity. So it ought to come as no shock that we’ve collectively dreamt up sufficient 69 spinoffs to comprise a whole style of 69 intercourse positions. (It must also come as no shock that about 115,000 individuals sort “69 intercourse positions” into their serps of selection every month.)

In its unique type, 69 was equal components lazy and scorching. It didn’t require stability, power, or flexibility. All it actually requested was so that you can sprawl out on prime of your companion — or to your companion to sprawl out on prime of you. Whereas lots of 69’s spinoffs emulated this equilibrium of sloth and intercourse attraction, a few of them took issues in a decidedly completely different course. Because of generations of innovation, we now have 69 intercourse positions that vary from simple to acrobatic to downright unfathomable. Some have you ever bent over backwards, others have you ever the other way up, and others have you ever suspended in mid-air—with solely your companion’s legs and arms to help you.

There are sufficient thrilling takes on the traditional that you could possibly go a full two weeks with out doing 69 the identical method twice. However after all, in the event you’d desire one thing somewhat extra conventional, your extra commonplace 69 will all the time be there for you in its unique, tried-and-true type.

(And what higher approach to rejoice this place — and each other — than to study these positions on 6/9!)


The Hucklebuck is completely different sufficient to really feel recent, however not so out-of-the-ordinary that it feels overwhelming. Ask your companion to lie down on their again. Stand over them, along with your legs straddling their shoulders and your toes pointed towards their toes. Then, crouch down so far as you may — till your genitals meet their mouth. Then, place your arms on their chest to regular your self and lean ahead till their genitals meet your mouth. From there, you may have interaction in all types of traditional 69 enjoyable (whereas critically partaking your quad muscle mass).


If you wish to stage up actually rapidly, strive the Pisces — one of many boldest takes on 69 round. Ask your companion to take a seat down on the sting of your mattress, with their toes touching the bottom. Then, climb on prime of them, so that you just’re upside-down and dealing with them. In case you can, wrap your legs round their neck, and wrap your arms round their butt. Their mouth ought to be capable of meet your genitals, and your mouth ought to be capable of meet theirs. Ask them to face up, and as soon as they’ve, you’ve efficiently assumed the Pisces place. In case you’ve managed it, you have to be the other way up hugging their torso, and each of it’s best to have quick access to every others’ nether components.


On the lookout for one thing far more accessible? The Shining will be the 69 variant for you. The place is admittedly simply 69 turned sideways, which successfully maximizes consolation for everybody concerned. Nobody has to fret about balancing delicately on prime or being squished on backside. All it’s a must to do is lie side-by-side (and face-to-genitals).


Probably the most formidable 69ers amongst us will certainly respect the Amphibian, a 69 variant that requires core power, stability, and suppleness all of sudden. Ask your companion to take a seat down with their legs in entrance of them. Then, do a headstand, dealing with them, along with your head of their crotch. You’ll be able to wrap your arms round their legs to additional stabilize each of you. And when you’re feeling regular, slide your legs right into a break up to supply your companion simpler entry to all of the 69 enjoyable that awaits.

(To be clear, this place does count on you to have the ability to go down in your companion whilst you’re in a headstand. And in the event you can handle that, props to you.)


Contemplate the Zombie a variation on the Amphibian that doesn’t require you to be good at yoga. Ask your companion to take a seat down with their legs in entrance of them. Then, stand over them, along with your legs on both facet of their physique and your toes pointed towards their toes. From there, bend over till your mouth can attain their genitals and their mouth can attain yours. You’ll be able to bend your knees generously and place your fingers on the bottom to regular your self. The Zombie nonetheless affords loads of room for upside-down enjoyable — with out asking you to do the splits or carry out oral intercourse whereas balancing in a headstand.

Ingenious 69

Ingenious 69 (sure, that’s genuinely its identify) affords an easier different preferring their foreplay with out a facet of train. Ask your companion to lie down on their again. Then, lie in your again, however in the wrong way of your companion. (So as a substitute of each being face-to-face and toe-to-toe, each of you have to be face-to-toe.) Pull your self ahead till your genitals meet their mouth, and straddle their face to supply them quick access. Pull your torso shut sufficient to theirs that you may attain their genitals, as effectively. And let the enjoyable go from there.


These searching for a problem shall be delighted to study of the Snake, a 69 place that requires immense power and stamina from each you and your companion. Ask your companion to face up. You ought to be standing up, dealing with them, a number of paces away. Then, do a handstand, and ask your companion to come back shut sufficient that will help you stability. At this level, it’s best to each be dealing with in the identical course (although they’ll be right-side-up, and also you’ll be upside-down). From there, ask your companion to elevate you till you may drape your legs over their shoulders. You ought to be excessive sufficient up that their mouth can meet your genitals and in order that your mouth can meet theirs (in the event you flip round to face them). From there, each of you need to use your arms to regular yourselves as you embark on one of many wildest 69 experiences you’ve ever had.

Unique Foreplay

Unique Foreplay affords a change of tempo that isn’t significantly demanding. Begin by getting in your fingers and knees, and ask your companion to face over you, straddling you, with their toes pointed towards your toes. From there, ask your companion to bend over till their mouth can attain your genitals. And make certain they’re squatting low sufficient that if you’re rotated, your mouth can meet theirs. This 69 variant requires somewhat effort from each events, to make sure. But it surely nonetheless doesn’t name for immense power or flexibility.

American Pie

The American Pie is a wonderful selection for these craving a problem—however not an extremely daunting one. Begin by asking your companion to kneel, after which to lean again so far as they will — till their fingers comfortably attain the ground. You must stand behind them, dealing with the identical course they’re. Then, bend over them so far as you may, till your fingers contact the ground and your mouth reaches their genitals. In case you can, elevate your toes off the bottom and wrap your legs round your companion’s neck. (However in the event you can’t, you may assume some type of American Pie/Zombie hybrid that doesn’t require you to stability in your arms whereas performing oral intercourse.)

Golden Gate

Each effortful and spectacular, the Golden Gate is an ideal selection for these searching for one thing somewhat demanding. Ask your companion to lie on their again. Then, kneel, dealing with away from them, along with your legs straddling their shoulders. From there, lean again right into a backbend, in order that your arms are straddling their higher thighs and your mouth can attain their genitals. In case you can, have interaction in 69 enjoyable from there. Even in the event you can handle it for only a second, you’ll have completed one thing most of us haven’t dared to aim.


The Yin-Yang affords enjoyable with out asking an excessive amount of of you—a surprisingly exhausting mixture to search out within the 69 intercourse place area. Lie in your again along with your legs straddled, and pull your thighs in towards your chest so far as they’ll go (bend your knees as generously as you might want to). Then, ask your companion to kneel over you, straddling your head, dealing with towards you. From there, they will lean ahead till their fingers contact the bottom. At that time, they need to be comfortably resting on their fingers and knees, and it’s best to nonetheless be mendacity down along with your legs pulled towards your chest. Each of it’s best to have all of the entry you might want to have interaction in somewhat oral play from there.


The Pointer is rather a lot just like the Pisces, besides it doesn’t require your companion to face (and it subsequently doesn’t require you to be suspended in mid-air thus far off the bottom). Ask your companion to kneel. Then, climb on prime of them in order that your thighs can wrap round their neck, your arms can wrap round their butt, and your mouth can attain their genitals. The place continues to be extremely demanding, but it surely doesn’t require fairly as a lot power and stability.

A model of this story was printed March 2020.

Right here’s 69 extra (good) intercourse positions to your bucket checklist: 




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